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Hospitalist services cover anything from eyeglasses.

Hospitalist services cover anything from eyeglasses and hearing aids to medications, orthopaedics, and prosthetic equipment, including x-rays, ambulances, and hospitals Hospitalists are doctors who only see patients who are confined to a medical facility, where they keep tabs on their progress and make adjustments to their care as needed. Hospitalists are available around the clock to help primary care physicians and patients and their families better comprehend a patient’s condition and treatment. Hospitalist medicine, as a specialty, has grown at the greatest rate in the history of the field. A large part of hospitalists’ work is keeping abreast of the most recent medical advances and therapies, allowing busy primary care doctors to concentrate on their outpatient practices.

In hospitals, hospitalists are fluent in all of the other hospital disciplines and excel at making sure “things get done.” Patients, family members (with sufficient consent), nurses, and other practitioners involved in a patient’s care are promptly informed of test results and follow-up is promptly carried out on the outcomes of those tests. As a result, treatment is closely coordinated to ensure that the patient receives the best care available.


Services provided:

Below mentioned are some of the services provided at our Foundation’s Medical Group hospital:

  • Clinical services
  • Procedures
  • Specialty co-management
  • Other services


Benefits of hospitalist services:

When patients are in the hospital, their doctors often visit them once a day as part of their rounds. Our Hospitalist Services program allows patients to see their devoted doctors as often as necessary. Due to their 24/7 presence at the medical centre, hospitalists have the ability to give timely care while also staying in touch with your primary care physician and any specialty doctors you may have.

For example, a hospitalist can change treatment on the spot rather than waiting for the results of a test to come back the following day. While this helps prevent medical issues and improves patient outcomes, it can also shorten your hospital stay and lower your overall costs.

As a palliative care specialist, a number of our hospitalists also provide comprehensive pain treatment and emotional support to patients and their families at any stage of their illness.


Patient benefits:

  • Every day of the week, seven days a week, Foundation Medical Group’s hospitalists are on call. As a result, in times of need, they can act rapidly.
  • Every day, our hospitalists come to see patients at their bedsides, and they can see them as many times as they need to.
  • Hospitalists can be reached at any moment by nurses.
  • It is also possible for hospitalists to track test findings and change the patient’s medical care plan rapidly.
  • If the patient has a primary care physician, they can work along with them.
  • For primary care doctors, our hospitalists give comprehensive admission and discharge summaries. The patient’s post-discharge follow-up will be the duty of their main care provider.
  • Hospitalists allow primary care physicians to spend more time with their clinic patients and less time dealing with patients at Foundation’s Medical Group.

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